Dental and Medical Writing and Editing, LLC (DMWE) provides a full spectrum of high-quality dental, medical and scientific writing, editing, author coaching and publication planning solutions to publish your research in peer-reviewed journals, and present it at world congresses.


You're a physician, dentist or science researcher in academia, industry or private practice. You have the clinical expertise, patients, cases, products, advances, results and data. We at DMWE supply the communications know-how to optimize the use of your time and position your work for best visibility, credibility and marketability.

Think of DMWE as your partner in advancing your perception by peers, patients and publishers as you and your team progress to the next level of cutting-edge thought.


DMWE President Dr. Scott Saunders writes articles for a variety of health-related Web sites.

If you or your company have information you feel would benefit or empower the health-care consumer, help enhance or restore health, please TELL US using our Contact and Project Assessment form--we want to help you get your messages heard!

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